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Kubient (NASDAQ: KBNT)

Industry: AdTech
Investment Status: IPO

Kubient, Inc has developed the Audience Cloud, a modular, highly scalable, transparent, cloud-based software platform for real-time trading of digital, programmatic advertising.

Kubient’s open marketplace gives both advertisers (ad space buyers) and publishers (ad space sellers) the ability to use machine learning in the most critical parts of any programmatic advertising inventory auction, while simultaneously and significantly reducing those advertisers and publishers’ exposure to fraud, even in a pre-bid environment.

Kubient’s platform offers a machine learning-powered fraud prevention solution, extremely low latency times, and an audience management platform, which provides omnichannel access into all advertising channels, inventory, and ad formats.

By becoming a one-stop-shop for advertisers and publishers, providing them with the technology to deliver meaningful messages to their target audience, all in one place, on a single platform that is computationally efficient, transparent, and as safely fraud-free as possible, Kubient believes that their platform (and the application of its machine learning algorithms) leads to increased publisher revenue, lower advertiser cost, reduced latency, and increased economic transparency during the advertising auction process.