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We work with entrepreneurs in their seed, growth, mature stage to help them succeed.

Looking for a First-Class Startup Strategy Consultant?


Lean Startup & Business Practices

Startups and companies with limited funds should operate on the lean startup principle, where we help manage trim costs and keep operations agile.

Capital Advisory

We make direct investments into technology driven companies and work with entrepreneurs on crafting their fundraising strategies.

Turnaround Consulting

We assess your existing business operations to see where costs can be trimmed. We consult and help make changes to help turn your business around.

Startup Advisory Services

We like to see people succeed more than anything else. We will work with you from the group up and help you succeed.

Strategy & Execution

Coming up with a strategy and sticking with it is difficult. We can help you develop a strategy that works for your small business or startup. Let us work with you to develop an execution strategy.

Industries We Work With

We work with entrepreneurs and businesses in a variety of industries including but not limited to tech, telecommunications, information technology, healthcare, education, finance, environmental/green technology, advertising, agriculture, and supply chain/logistics.

Helping entrepreneurs succeed,

one company at a time.


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Investment Criteria

Executive Summary and Pitch Deck

Early Stage (Pre-Seed to Series B)

Seeking Up to $500,000 in Funding

United States Based Company (Preferrably Along the Northeast Corridor)

Full Business Plan and Financial Projections

To help entrepreneurs get their act together

before its too late.

The Team

Ben Jen | Principal Consultant & Investor

Ben is a serial entrepreneur and has been involved in over 18 startups in the capacity of a co-founder/founder, executive, strategist, investor, and mentor. Ben is always searching for the next big challenge and have tons of energy and passion to invest. Ben's excited about working with great teams, exciting technologies and projects, and also getting things done with little resources.

Current Projects: Lucky Eight Media, Insomnia Domains, Pandamonium, LaunchX Clubs, Bamboo Ladder
- Forbes Finance Council Member
- Startupalooza Judge | Boston, NYC, Stamford CT
- MassChallenge, LaunchX, Empire State Development: Mentor
- Serving on numerous non-profit boards that foster economic development and entrepreneurial growth

Alex Brufsky | Technical Consultant & Investor

Alex is an entrepreneur and full stack engineer by trade with 7 startups under his belt in the capacity of a founder, executive, investor, and mentor. He filed and received his first patent at the age of 12 (USPTO 9828141) and has an interest in product design, natural science, corporate structure, robotics, blockchain technology, emerging technology and nanotechnology. He is currently enrolled at the University of Michigan College of Engineering.

Current Startups: Lucky Eight Media, Insomnia Domains, Foundery

David Savin | Technical Consultant & Investor

David is an experienced IT and telecommunications professional and holds numerous industry certifications. He obtained his Masters in Business Administration from University of Massachusetts Boston. In addition, he provides technical guidance on a number of projects that the company manages. His interests include emerging technologies, clean tech, and consumer electronics. David is an avid attendee of the Consumer Electronics Show and has been going for over 10 consecutive years.

Graham Hill | Venture Associate

Graham is a computer science undergrad attending Boise State University. He has been actively involved in blockchain technology for over 4 years. He participates in the growing field both as a researcher in academia and as a consultant in industry. He enjoys bicycling and beekeeping in his free time.

Jasper Katzban | Venture Associate

Jasper is currently attending Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering and is an entrepreneur, mentor, and aspiring engineer with experience in tech startups, medical research, and virtual reality development. He is interested in emerging technologies, product development, small business structure, scientific research, and the outdoors.

Current Startups: Lucky Eight Media

Shaan Patel | Venture Associate

Shaan is an entrepreneur who is currently attending University Southern California and a Marshall Trustee Scholar. He is interested in pursuing a degree in finance and computer science while in college. He enjoys riding and building bikes, playing and watching basketball, and volunteering as a board member of his city’s youth advisory committee.

Current Startups: Lucky Eight Media

Hunter Hancock | Creative & Design Consultant

Hunter is a developer, designer, and entrepreneur currently studying computer science at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He is involved with many startups in various roles, from running ventures of his own to helping mentor other young entrepreneurs. Outside of his work Hunter is interested in soccer, hip hop, and astronomy.

Current Startups: Foundery Network

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