Over the summer, at LaunchX Entrepreneurship Program, I had the privilege with working with Espen Garner, Gianna Valencia, and Ian Kim on Cognality in the capacity of a mentor and they have some exciting updates to share on their company. Cognality uses virtual reality to help autistic children deal with triggering situations by simulating virtual safe spaces. Most autistic meltdowns are triggered by sensory overload. Those affected by autism deal with meltdowns by going to a quiet place where they feel comfortable. Cognality allows these safe havens to be available anywhere and at any time since they can be accessed virtually and be used with portable VR headsets. Cognality has a variety of pre-programmed calming scenes like the top of a hill, a bedroom, and exotic places like the beach and the desert. Cognality’s product is currently being beta tested by therapists and is working on adding animations and sounds to the scenes to make them more interactive. For more information visit www.cognalityvr.com